Raetihi International Airport*

Nice Budget Accommodation near Ruapehu

*international airport not included :-)

36 Seddon st.  Right on the main st of Raetihi.  If you are travelling north or south on SH4, we are only 200m from the turnoff (opposite the Royal Theatre).  We're ten minutes from Ohakune, 30 minutes from Pipiriki and the Whanganui river, and 30 minutes from the carpark at the Turoa ski field.  We are the closest town to the start of the Mangapurua Track, also known as the "Raetihi Bridge to Nowhere track" through the 'valley of abandoned dreams'.  

Raetihi is the Gateway to the Whanganui national park as well as Tongariro National Park, and is ideally suited for both summer and winter holidays.  Skiing and snowboarding, golf, fishing and hunting, all at our doorstep.  Ok we don't have a beach, but we have swimming holes in rivers and you won't get sand in your undies here!  In winter we are 30 minutes from Turoa skifield and 45 from Whakapapa, so you can choose which side you ride depending on the weather.  Mt Ruapehu can be seen from our yard.


This is a film shot in 1965 so there is no sound.  It's fascinating because there is a lot more evidence of the settlement then than there is now (over forty years later).  If you can't stand silent movies, then skip to the end and see the bridge all covered in grass and weeds!