Raetihi International Airport*

Nice Budget Accommodation near Ruapehu

*international airport not included :-)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Why is your place called the Raetihi International Airport?

Answer:  Our main street is really really wide, we reckon it's wide enough to land a big plane on it.  And if a plane landed, it would need an airport, so we are hoping that we can fulfill that need.  (As in Field of Dreams, the Kevin Costner movie, "if you build it they will come".)


Question:  Ok, but really, why is it called that?

Answer:  Just for fun.  It's a joke. 


Question:  I see photos of Beagles on your website, do they roam around inside the house?

 Answer:  No, we know that some people are allergic to animals, so we keep the dogs outside and in a private room.  If you are missing your dogs though, we are more than happy to bring them out to for you to play with.